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Starts early in the morning, with a cup of great coffee!

Ours begins in the region of “Bule”, in a beautiful Mexican state…Oaxaca; From the heart of tradition and flavor, México produces a most delicious and aromatic drink, our own Café Bule! Here, we grow, care and bring to you our Gourmet Café, selected by the same hands that sow, protect and harvest the grain with dedication and love, since 1971.

A sustainable project!
Only traditional practices are the way we produce our coffee, surrounded by lush tropical forests, the majestic Mahogany, Cedar and Cacao trees along with delicious fruit trees provide natural shade that protects the coffee plant known as ¨Cafeto¨, making Café Bule carry delicious notes of fruit and wood.
Free of agrochemical products, fertilizers or pesticides our coffee is true on natural flavor, safe to your heart; in the morning…kind to your soul.

50 years of traditional process, care and wisdom are behind our Bule coffee beans.

  • The best coffee
    The best coffee
    Perfect selected beans in your bag of Café Bule
  • Baristas
    You bring the experience; we provide you the best quality of roasted coffee beans, ¨Pluma Variety¨ only from Oaxaca, high in the Sierra.
  • Point of sale
    Point of sale
    Café Bule just a click away
  • between 24 and 72 hours.
    between 24 and 72 hours.
    Because coffee has no time or date on the calendar. We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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 Famous for its typical spicey-sweet mole sauce or a sip of uber trendy glass of mezcal, and last but not least, deliciously robust aromatic freshly brewed coffee; the product becoming a coffee drinker´s most interesting out there, Oaxaca has gained enormous attention and recognition amongst coffee aficionados looking for fresh bean-faces in the coffee scene. Café Bule grows in optimal climatic conditions, at high altitude, in the most environmentally friendly conditions under dedicated human care.
Café Bule is grown, harvested and prepared for you free of chemicals, free of fertilizers or pesticides, irrigated from natural water springs.

And Colors

The famous Alebrijes (ahlehbreehaes).

Amongst the most captivating and valued Mexican artwork, handmade; never two pieces will look alike! Every piece is crafted and brought to life as a single child of creativity and skill.
Different from Avatars, representing a deity character; Alebrijes are strictly representations of real or imaginary animals and even hybrids of both, children of the imagination full of extravagancy and bright rich colors.
Every Alebrije brings back support to the local artists and craftspeople in Oaxaca, following fair trade practices.
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NOTE: The available pieces must be shown to the customer via whattsapp because these are not serial production handcrafts, prices may vary

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Raul Gutiérrez

Thank you I just love it!

Cynthia Hernández

Thanks to all the Café Bule team, for their professionalism, the delivery arrived on time. And the coffee is delicious.

Laura Trava

My order arrived just as requested



¨For all Good things in Life…a cup of Coffee.¨

From waking up in the morning and a delicious breakfast, to the most intimate time in the evening; with family and friends. Coffee, Honey, Chocolate and Cacao are amongst all the good things we have for you, right here!

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